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Bohemian Meatorgy | Restaurant Bohemia

The Bohemia is a classic among the brasseries in Zurich and a very popular meeting place for whether coffee and croissants in the morning, the extensive à la carte brunch on Saturday and Sunday, a quick lunch or a dignified dinner night in a casual ambience.

Located directly at the Kreuzplatz, the Bohemia presents itself as an American style brasserie, which is not only reflected in the distinguished atmosphere with retro American diner booths and crystal chandeliers, but also in the menu.

Bohemia interior

The Bohemia is famous for its barbecue on the own charcoal grill, on which mainly meat, fish and seafood specialties are prepared. This also includes Black Angus dry aged meat, which is refined on the bone in the in-house dry aging process. Depending on availability, large pieces such as T-Bone, Porterhouse, Côte de Boeuf or Tomahawk are on offer.

in-house dry aging process at Bohemia

The daily special on our visit consisted of Irish Tomahawk steaks in different sizes from 990g to about 1200g. Since there were only 5 pieces available, we decided quickly to share a wonderful piece of just over 1000g. It includes 2 side dishes and 2 sauces, which can be selected from the menu. We opted for white wine risotto and sweet potato fries. Before the tasty meat is prepared on the charcoal grill, the service lets you have a look at it first, so you can check the quality and see what is served up to you later.

Tomahaws steak

While the meat slowly sizzles on the grill, there is enough time to enjoy an appetizer. We had the Bohemia Board, which comes with fresh cold cuts, sausage, olives, various sauces and fresh bread. The products tasted scrumptious and aroused our taste buds. The Bohemia Board fits perfectly in company with a fine Californian wine.

Bohemia Board

Then finally, the highlight reached our table. 1kg of mouthwatering special indulgence. A perfectly roasted pleasure, which immediately outshined the equally good side dishes. A pure taste experience down to the last bite and a dining experience that nobody should miss out on.

Tomahawk steak

Tomahawk steak with sweet potato fries

Tomahawk steak (medium)

The Bohemia sets great value on quality, uniqueness and design. Due to the inviting and sophisticated ambience, the Bohemia is a multifaceted meeting place for any time of the day and puts a smile on the face of all American barbecue lovers.


Starters: from CHF 10.50 to CHF 21.50

Main courses: from CHF 21.00 to CHF 63.00

Desserts: from CHF 8.50 to CHF 14.00

Tomahawk: 100g for 16.50 CHF


Restaurant Bohemia

Klosbachstrasse 2

8032 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 383 70 60

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