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Meat oasis on the edge of Zurich | Fleisch am Chnoche

An oasis has to be found first and once you have found it, you probably never want to leave. The Steakhouse “Fleisch am Chnoche”, which means “meat on the bone”, is such a place for all meat lovers and for those who want to become one. Responsible for this extraordinary meat experience is Patrick Liechti, who is also affectionately called the meat magician. He has earned this name honestly, because what ends up on his grill leaves many meat connoisseur in ecstasy.

Dry Aged Swiss Prime Beef Ribeye, Black Angus US Beef Porterhouse, Manhattan Striploin Bone-In, Five Star Bison or Grass fed Beef Tenderloin from Ireland are just some of the delicacies which are lovingly prepared over open fire in the show kitchen by the master himself. Thanks to his insatiable curiosity and impressive creativity, Patrick Liechti conjures up delicacies that impress even the most experienced meat lovers. Smoker specialities such as Spare Ribs, Beef Brisket Bone-In or Pulled Pork, which are prepared in the own smoker for hours, convince qualitatively as well as finest veal, pork, bison or even yak. One of the house specialities are the huge Tomahawk steaks, normally weighing between 1 and 1.5kg, which come from bisons from organic farming in Canada.

Meat from all over the world at Fleisch am Chnoche

Patrick Liechti prepares the meat

Patrick Liechti also spares no effort to create creative and innovative delicacies. As a starter, we could try one of his newest creations; homemade dried meat, which is made just using the Dry-Ager. It was served in combination with buffalo mozzarella and homemade green pesto and was a real treat.

homemade dried meat, which is made just using the Dry-Ager. It was served in combination with buffalo mozzarella and homemade green pesto

As a highlight, we tasted the classic par excellence. A bison tomahawk weighing over 1kg, which was presented to us just after the grilling process. Then it was cut into pieces and served on plates. The meat was perfectly cooked, extremely juicy and had a wonderful taste of its own. The side dishes, country cut fries and spinach with garlic and chilli, seemed almost redundant next to this sensational meat.

bison tomahawk

bison tomahawk

bison tomahawk

The passion for quality is also evident in marinades, sauces and other products such as bread, which are all made in-house. There is a lot of heart and soul in every product and you can definitely taste that.

Not surprisingly, the dessert was also special. A black block with a sweet filling, which symbolizes a charcoal briquette. On it the red letter F, which in our opinion should stand for fantastic.

The steakhouse Fleisch am Chnoche takes the classic American barbecue to the next level. With passion and devotion to high quality products and their preparation, the "Fleisch am Chnoche" stands out from the normal steak offer and creates a temple for all meat lovers who are looking for that little extra.


Starters: from CHF 10.00 to CHF 24.00

Meat: prices depending on weight

Desserts: from CHF 9.00 to CHF 16.00


Steakhouse Fleisch am Chnoche

Trichtenhausenstrasse 235

8125 Zollikerberg

Phone: +41 44 242 20 30

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