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A tasty journey | YUMA

With its motto “eat well - travel often”, the restaurant YUMA offers versatile street food highlights from all over the world, packed into a sharing concept. The large menu includes tasty dishes from homemade dumpling creations and traditional Gua Bao buns to mezze, tatar, meat skewers, ceviche, healthy salads and poké bowls, which promise a culinary taste experience.

The interior, too, places great value on an extraordinary dining adventure by creating a mystical place with plants, wooden elements and little details, which already take you on a journey when you enter the room. A large, integrated bar creates a good atmosphere and provides the right pre- or post-drinks, but also raises the noise level in the restaurant to a maximum. The lively ambience is not for everyone, but fits the concept of the YUMA.

YUMA interior

There are 3 predefined menus for the undecided, who find it difficult to make a choice due to the large selection. We also went the easy way and ordered a menu called YUMA Journey. The YUMA Journey promises a culinary journey through Southeast Asia, the Orient and South America and includes Dim Sum Red Curry Chicken, Fuzhou Chicken Gua Bao Bun, Hummus and Falafel, Mexican Tikka Chicken Skewers and Sweet Potato Fries. Additionally, we ordered the Salad Bowl "1001 Nights", which is prepared with falafel, beetroot hummus, broccoli, sweet potatoes, turmeric vegetables, pomegranate and red grapefruit.

Dim Sum Red Curry Chicken

Fuzhou Chicken Gua Bao Bun

Hummus and Falafel

Hummus and Falafel

Mexican Tikka Chicken Skewers and Sweet Potato Fries

1001 Nights

The dishes are served separately and in different ways like on a wooden board, in a bowl, directly in a bamboo steamer or in a frying basket. The portions are rather small, but satisfy the normal hunger. We especially liked the Dim Sum, which were the most interesting in taste and colour and nicely arranged. The Gua Bao Bun, a Taiwanese variant of a hamburger, on the other hand, did not quite convince us because of its very doughy nature and the rather bland pulled chicken.

Dim Sum

We finished our journey in America by trying the homemade crumble cheesecake, which was not American in size, but was even bigger in taste.

homemade crumble cheesecake

The Yuma takes you on a taste journey through the world, creating a vibrant place in the heart of Zurich, that unites the unifying experience of eating and enjoying life together.


Dishes from CHF 14.50 to CHF 26.50

Menus from 32.50 to 34.50 / person


YUMA Zurich

Langstrasse 1 / Badenerstrasse 120

8004 Zürich

Phone: +41 43 243 88 88

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