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Next stop | Perron 9

Train stations are not automatically associated with good food. The culinary highlights are usually limited to kiosks, cafés or snack bars. The exception, however, confirms the rule. In Oerlikon, right next to the train station you will find the Perron 9, which is a cosy and tasteful restaurant in a historic industrial building that serves wonderful drinks and and finest smoked meat straight from their own charcoal grill.

The good situation of the Perron 9 with lots of walk-in customers from the surrounding shops and companies is probably the reason why the restaurant was jam-packed during our visit.

Perron 9

The interior is still in the style of the historic industrial building from 1889, which is reflected in open brick walls and steel elements. Minimalism can also be seen in the furniture, which matches the atmosphere.

The menu corresponds to what you would expect from a restaurant with a large charcoal grill – plenty of meat to choose from. Of course, that is also the reason why we went there.

As a starter, we opted for their famous beef hanger steak from their smoker, which comes with parsnip-potato-puree, Perron 9 BBQ sauce and kale crunch as well as a fresh cheese terrine with salmon on frisée and dill sour cream. At the first bite, we were already given a smoky note of their beautiful beef hanger steak, which makes it very special in taste. The fresh salmon cheese terrine was in no way inferior to it and we would definitely order it again.

beef hanger steak from their smoker

fresh salmon cheese terrine

The main course was the highlight of the house: Home smoked veal shoulder with homemade BBQ-sauce, roasted onions, pickles-relish, coleslaw salad and baked potato with bacon sour cream as well as a Swiss beef entrecôte “Café de Paris” with homemade French fries. As mentioned before, the menu is quite rich in its meat offer with a focus on smoked meat. The roasted onions and pickles-relish rounds it off perfectly. To our taste, the smoky flavour was a bit too intense, but undoubtedly heavenly for all smoked meat lovers.

Home smoked veal shoulder

Swiss beef entrecôte “Café de Paris” with homemade French fries

Nevertheless, the “Café the Paris” was excellent. The super delicious herb butter with the juicy and perfectly medium roasted Swiss beef entrecôte was a solid pleasure. You certainly don't go wrong with this dish.

For dessert we had, what else, a warm chocolate cake with liquid heart served with fior di latte ice cream and fresh fruits and a mini cheesecake, which rounded off the pleasant evening.

warm chocolate cake with liquid heart

mini cheesecake

Not only for the food; The Perron 9 is also worth a visit because of their world record. Whoever visits the restaurant, is automatically a part of it. The more than 100 years old and 6,200 tons heavy brick building was moved 60 meters in favor of the expansion of the station Oerlikon in 2012. Impressive, huh?

The Perron 9 provides a comfortable atmosphere in a classically elegant ambience and invites you to a dignified dinner or a cultivated business lunch.


Starters between CHF 12.00 and CHF 16.00

From the BBQ-smoker between CHF 27.00 and CHF 52.00

Desserts: between CHF 5.00 and CHF 16.00


Perron9 Affolternstrasse 50

8050 Zürich

Phone: +41 43 288 94 45

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