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EATALY | Pizzeria Arcade

A wise man once said: "The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later, you are hungry again." After our visit at Pizzeria Arcade right next to the Wiedikon train station, we can truly confirm this quote.

The Pizzeria Arcade is a simple Italian restaurant, which is dedicated to the preparation of traditional and authentic Italian dishes. The Arcade offers all kinds of classics of the Italian cuisine, including not only finest Neapolitan pizzas, but also homemade pasta, risotto, gnocchi and stuffed ravioli, which are prepared according to old family recipes. There is also a small selection of meat and fish dishes, which convince with highest quality, because Italian food is all about ingredients – it is not fussy and not fancy.

Arcade interior

That the Italian food culture is really lived there, was already shown to us with a fantastic starter. An antipasti platter with selected delicacies such as various cold cuts, cheeses and honey, burrata, bruschette, olives and plenty of homemade and warm focaccia bread. All ingredients were of high quality and tasted excellent. Accompanied by a good Italian red wine this was a true revelation, which in its simplicity created a genuine moment of happiness.

antipasti platter with selected delicacies such as various cold cuts, cheeses and honey, burrata, bruschette, olives

warm focaccia bread

Of course, we had to order pizza next, as the Arcade promises to make the best pizza of the city. The pizza selection also places great value on quality instead of quantity. There is a well-mixed range of pizzas for every taste.

preparing Pizza at Arcade

serving Pizzas at Arcade

preparing Pizza at Arcade

We ordered a pizza with stracciatella di bufala and basil and a house speciality consisting of various stacked ingredients such as focaccia bread, parma ham, rocket, cherry tomatoes, burrata, parmesan and olive oil. The pizza was delicious with a perfectly fluffy and crispy dough and tasty toppings. The house speciality "Foccacia Arcade" was, how shall we say, a huge plate heaped with good products. Even if the products are very tasty, it is a too well meant portion, which requires a good chewing ability after some time. It is huge and certainly no good idea after the already big plate we had before. We recommend the Foccacia Arcade without a starter, for 2 persons. Worth a try!

Nevertheless, we were surprised about the good price-performance ratio in the Arcade. The quality products, the generous portions and the authentic and friendly staff exceed the expectations of a normal pizzeria. A perfect restaurant for a simple evening with amazing Italian food.

The Pizzeria Arcade is a hidden gem for those who are looking for the great vitality and taste of Italy. It celebrates the Italian cuisine with love and devotion and counts hospitality and personal service to its top priorities.


Starters: between CHF 7.00 and CHF 30.00

Main dishes: CHF 15.00 and CHF 51.00

Desserts: between CHF 8.00 and CHF 9.00


Pizzeria Arcade

Birmensdorferstrasse 67

8004 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 241 21 63



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