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A commitment to tradition | KINDLI

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine Zurich without young and hip gastronomy concepts, which seem to pop up at almost every corner of the city. Everyone of it tries to stand out, to be even more innovative or unusual, which brings a fresh and creative breeze into the scene. On the other hand, the trend leads back to the origins and more and more young people find traditional lifestyles appealing.

That’s why it is even nicer that there are still venerable restaurants, which stick to their values and continue to live up to their tradition. The restaurant KINDLI is one of those classic Zurich restaurants that has been adhering to old values for years and is extremely successful with its lived straightforwardness.

The restaurant KINDLI is located on Rennweg just beneath the historic Lindenhof Park and right in the heart of Zurich’s old town. The house, built in 1474, is rich in history and exudes a cultivated ambiance.

Restaurant Kindli in Zurich

The KINDLI captures the warmth and grace of a bygone age with a cozy, wood-panelled interior and shows its class with leather chairs, shiny polished silver cutlery and some tasteful vases and cushions from the neighboring shop “En Soie”. With its neatly laid and discreet tables and the harmonious atmosphere created by candlelight, it is a perfect place for an intimate tête-à-têtes.

The KINDLI cultivates a European cuisine with colonial influences. It attaches great importance to fresh and top-quality ingredients, which are classically combined in a modern way and matched to a fine selection of wines. The menu offers traditional and contemporary Swiss fare, such as filet of veal “Zurich Style” with Rösti, baked chicken “Viennese Style” with warm potato cucumber salad or veal cutlet with saffron risotto.

Since we are lovies of such traditional cuisine, it was really hard for us to make a decision. Nevertheless, we then decided to go for buffalo mozzarella with datterini tomatoes and carpaccio Cipriani, which is served the original Cipriani style.

carpaccio Cipriani

buffalo mozzarella with datterini tomatoes

For the main course, we ordered the filet of veal “Zurich Style” with Rösti as well as filet of beef with fine noodles and black summer truffles. The dishes are served in their pureness and the main focus is on the taste of the ingredients - as we often say: simplicity is key! Everything was just incredibly delicious and of excellent quality.

filet of veal “Zurich Style”

filet of veal “Zurich Style” with Rösti


filet of beef with fine noodles and black summer truffles

fine noodles and black summer truffles

For dessert, we tried the caramelized apple tart with vanilla ice cream, which, no surprise, was a perfect conclusion to a delightful and traditional dinner.

caramelized apple tart with vanilla ice cream

Be it a business lunch or a romantic dinner, the KINDLI provides the necessary elegance with a great commitment to traditional Swiss hospitality. It’s timeless and straightforward cuisine and it’s discreet, friendly and attentive service makes it to one of the top addresses in Zurich.

Prices: Starters: from CHF 16.50 to CHF 32.00 Main courses: from CHF 36.00 to 69.00 Desserts: from CHF 6.00 to 18.00

Address: Restaurant Kindli Strehlgasse 28 beim Rennweg 8001 Zürich Phone: +41 43 888 76 78 Website:

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