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Vibrant and sophisticated cuisine | mesa

The restaurant mesa, located in the quiet and beautiful Kreis 6, is widely known as a gourmet temple. Over the years, various top chefs have shaped the mesa and recently a young Bavarian has started to make a name for himself with straightforward classic dishes, interpreted in a modern way and with a vibrant and contemporary presentation.

Sebastian Rösch has been rocking the cuisine at mesa for over 3 years now and still shows his diversity with surprising concepts such as the "Vegan Wednesday" while always maintaining his uncompromising quality standards. His persistence and unbridled creative enthusiasm have earned him one Michelin star and 16 Gault Millau points.

The mesa currently offers 2 menus, either with meat and fish or vegetarian. The focus is clearly on local Swiss products of high quality, which are complemented by Mediterranean influences. The revised aperitif concept at mesa is unconventional and innovative: all amuse bouche present one product in different facets. On our visit, it was cucumber, which was served in different tastes and textures. Crunchy as a whole, chopped or enriched with Asian influences. It is almost unimaginable that a vegetable consisting of 90% water can be so versatile.

Amuse Bouche by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

Amuse Bouche by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

Amuse Bouche by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

Our dining experience continued with homemade white bread, which was wonderfully airy and crispy at the same time - definitely addictive and dangerous in view of the numerous courses that were to follow.

Homemade Bread by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

It started with eggplant accompanied by various components of roses from the Uetliberg and “trout green”, a modern interpretation of the classic “trout blue”.

Roses from the Uetliberg by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

Trout Green by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

Trout Green by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

Then turnip cabbage on yellow curry foam and red carabiniero with lemon peppers and chorizo were served. These starting dishes captivated not only by their beautiful arrangement, but also by the interplay with unusual tastes and textures such as rose or the subtle incorporation of the usually rather spicy chorizo sausage.

Turnip cabbage on yellow curry by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

Red carabiniero by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

It continued with little squids on aioli and parsley as well as with a whole "Badischer Spargel" accompanied by dandelion and hazelnut. With these dishes, not only the Mediterranean influences came to the fore, but also the purist vein of Sebastian Rösch showed up, who leaves an asparagus in its simplicity and focuses on the quality of the product.

Little squids on aioli and parsley by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

Badischer Spargel by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

It went on with two refreshing and light courses: iced burrata with watermelon, tomato and basil and green asparagus with pea and fir shoots. The modern interpretation of the Caprese salad could have easily passed as a dessert, whereby the green asparagus was presented in its purest form - an ingenious game with contrasts.

ced burrata with watermelon, tomato and basil by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

Green Asparagus by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

The holy fish, called St. Pierre, and a Swiss beef-onglet were the next courses, which not only were sacred but also tasted holy good - the beef onglet was actually damn good. But also the “Malanser Poularde”, which belongs to the Chef’s Choice Menu, was perfectly prepared and of the highest quality.

St. Pierre by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

Beef onglet by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

Malanser Poularde by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

Last but not least, two desserts convinced us of the excellent culinary art, which Sebastian Rösch and his team conjure up every day to give their guests not only an exceptional taste but also a visual experience – checkmate!

Checkmate by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

Strawberry Dessert by Sebastian Rösch | Thefoodlovies

The mesa offers a sophisticated cuisine in a pleasantly unpretentious atmosphere. High quality products, unmistakable finesse and a consistently high level of preparation ensure a genuine culinary journey. The expressive, contrasting and modern dishes provide for an extraordinary taste experience.


Chef’s choice:

4 to 8 courses,

between CHF 130 and CHF 195

Back to the roots (vegetarian):

4 to 8 courses,

between CHF 110 and CHF 170



Weinbergstrasse 75

8006 Zürich

Phone: +41 43 321 75 75


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