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Towards the end of 2021, the cultural restaurant Rank opened at Niederdorfstrasse 60 in Zurich. Until 2020, the Calypso, Switzerland's oldest strip club, was located there. In the rear area, the legendary Dörfli sausage was produced in the former sausage factory. The name Rank comes from the fact that the nearby Limmat made a bend before it was straightened; the alley on Rank was once a meeting place for Zurich's youth.

Rank Interior in Zurich

Behind the concept is the young team of the popular "Rechberg 1837", where the focus is also on local products: the majority of the ingredients come from local farmers, waters and forests.

Seven days a week, chef Michaela Frank, who gained experience in Switzerland and abroad during Andreas Caminada's "Fundaziun Uccelin" scholarship, offers modern Zurich cuisine for lunch and dinner. Dishes such as Planted Chicken Pâté with Creamed Sausage or Cream of Celery Soup with Onion and Pear Raviolo are on the menu.

Food @ Rank in Zurich

Food @ Rank in Zurich

Food @ Rank in Zurich

On Sundays, the 25-year-old chef also creates a variety of brunch delicacies that can be enjoyed throughout the day. For those on the go, Toasties and Cocktails are also sold across the alley until late at night.

Food @ Rank in Zurich

Food @ Rank in Zurich

In addition to culinary delights, a major focus of the restaurant concept is contemporary Swiss music: Starting on Thursday, various musicians will play on three evenings in a row. The performances are concert-like, last about an hour and take place after dinner.

The Rank is a place of experience – the combination of dinner and concert. At the Rank, enjoyment lives seven days a week. Local products in a modern guise. A contemporary Zurich cuisine, connected to its roots and yet worldly, hearty, exciting and benevolent.




Kultur Lokal Rank Niederdorfstrasse 60 8001 Zürich

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