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American Diner | Burgers & Shakes

The Glattpark in Opfikon outside of the city is not really known for culinary highlights, but rather for large residential buildings and several business hotels, which take advantage of the proximity to the airport. Hence, a large selection of creative restaurant concepts is sought in vain there and concentrates rather on the nearby city center.

Interior @ Burger & Shakes

Interior @ Burger & Shakes

The restaurant Burgers & Shakes in the middle of Glattpark has recognized this opportunity and offers juicy burger variations and sumptuous shakes in a 50s style diner and as delivery service.

The menu offers a huge selection of burgers for every taste: from the "Junior Burger" to the "Real Hard Working Man Burger" to the "Hulk" with 1'050 grams of meat - you will definitely experience authentic burger enjoyment. Only fresh ingredients are used: the meat comes from the Arnold butcher's shop in Glattbrugg and the buns are freshly delivered every day by a near bakery. Additionally, all the sauces are homemade.

Burger @ Burger & Shakes in Zurich

Burger @ Burger & Shakes in Zurich

Burger @ Burger & Shakes in Zurich

Also the fancy milkshakes can convince, even if the these sugar bombs are not for everyone. The selection ranges from a classic vanilla milkshake to the Snickers shake or the banana peanut butter shake: delicious, freshly prepared and truly instagrammable!

Shakes @ Burger & Shakes in Zurich

Shakes @ Burger & Shakes in Zurich

And if you don't feel like walking by, you can have the whole range of products conveniently delivered to your home.

The Burgers & Shakes Diner in Glattpark enchants with 50's nostalgia, juicy burgers and fancy shakes. Those who still have a few calories left should not miss this.

They also now opened another location at Birmensdorferstrasse 430!


Burgers: from CHF 13.40 to CHF 50.00

Shakes: form CHF 9.90 to CHF 14.90


Burgers & Shakes

Boulevard Lilienthal 29

8152 Glattpark (Opfikon)

Phone: +41 44 545 39 70


Birmensdorferstrasse 430 8055 Zürich Phone: +41 44 461 18 71 E-Mail:


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