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Good news: The Edomae at Talstrasse 62 close to Paradeplatz just launched their new à la carte menu. You can enjoy it from Monday - Saturday, 6-10pm. We tried it and were positively surprised...

First of all, the interior is quite simple with a little Japanese touch. No unnecessary cheesy decorations, just a few small details that belong right there. A large curtain shields the Edomae-Sushi area from the restaurant to make sure the guest can enjoy their Omakase in peace.

Edomae truly believes in quality over quantity. They’re not only serving Sushi the very traditional way but also offer a spectacular new à la carte menu with great delicacies. It consists of traditional dishes with a hint of modern interpretation. The card blew us away from the beginning, there were so many delicious things that we almost couldn't decide. We enjoyed some classics:

Takosu (wakamesalad with octopus), beeftartar on a yakiniku sauce and homemade Gyoza as a starter.

The Takosu was very light and fresh. The Beeftartar was cut into larger pieces of meat. The meat had an exceptional quality and was super tender. Almost like a fresh fish of consistency. The yakiniku sauce gave the tartar that certain something. We loved it! The homemade Gyoza were juicy and bursting full with delicious pork. The dough was fluffy and not too thick - exactly how Gyoza should taste.

We continued with Tori Karaage (fried chicken, homemade tartar sauce, rice and misosoup) and the Koro Koro Steak (beefcubes on a misobutter, young spinach, rice and misosoup).

The Fried Chicken was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The sauce rounded off the taste perfectly. The Koro Koro steak was a real treat for us; an absolute dream for every meat lover! The meat quality is excellent and the combination with the miso butter is a real highlight.

Last but not least we enjoyed a lovely mango cheesecake with a homemade fried matcha crisp and powdered sugar. Delish!

We didn't really know what to expect as we are used to smaller portions from Japanese restaurants; not so at Edomae. Even if the restaurant attaches great importance to quality, they aren’t stingy with the portions at all. Every single dish has fully convinced us; we would even call the Gyozas one of the best in the city.

If you’re more into Sushi, Edomae might be the real deal for you too. Even though we haven’t tried it on our visit, we only heard good things about it. Using various traditional techniques on how to bring out the hidden flavors in each fish and other ingredients is why Edomae Sushi clearly stands out from the rest. By focusing your senses into one single serving, you will be able to reach the peak of the umami taste. Serving multiple single set-dishes, which vary in seasonal taste, is called Edomae Style Omakase. But… maybe we’ll tell you more about it in another blog post?! We’ll keep you posted!

We really like the fusion of both continents. Japanese delicacies with an European touch. Let's be real: often the very authentic and traditional Japanese dishes are not very enjoyable for us Europeans, because our sense of taste simply cannot assign these different tastes; at Edomae, on the other hand, one experiences a taste explosion; perfectly reconsidered, perfectly combined. See you next time, Edomae!


Starter between CHF 6 - CHF 25

Main between CHF 26 - 42 Dessert between CHF 6 - CHF 10


Edomae Talstrasse 62 8001 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 544 00 33

E-Mail: reservation@edomae.ch

Website: https://edomae.ch/

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