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Fiesta Mexicana | Cartell

Apart from a few Tex-Mex restaurants, Zurich doesn't have much in the way of authentic Mexican food. A place-to-go has been missing until now: the newly opened Cartell near Sihlporte offers a modern ambience with finger licking Mexican specialties and tangy drinks– perfect for a true Fiesta Mexicana!

At Cartell, a real Mexican, Federico Estrada, takes care of the delicacies such as finest tacos, quesadillas, ceviche and co. He skillfully combines Mexican classics with current trends from around the world. Whenever possible, he uses products from the region to support local businesses and suppliers and to make an important contribution to the environment.

Interior @ Cartell

Interior @ Cartell

On our visit, we tried our way across the menu. We started with Baja Balls, which are crispy fried potato balls filled with panela cheese and topped with special mayo as well as with Corn Ribs, which is roasted sweet corn topped with some kind of BBQ sauce and Cotija cheese. Both dishes were beautifully served and tasted yummy.

Corn Ribs @ Cartell

Baja Balls @ Cartell

Corn Ribs @ Cartell

Then we had a selection of Tacos served: These came with chicken, pulled beef, pork, wich are called al Pastor and as a vegetarian option with Nopales, the typical Mexican cactus dish. The tacos were very tasty. That quintessential corn flavor, that soft yet firm texture of the thin patty, everything was just right - simply authentic and full of flavors.

Selection of tacos @ Cartell

Selection of tacos @ Cartell

Selection of tacos @ Cartell

As the menu of the Cartell not only offers delicious tacos but many other Mexican dishes, we also ordered black quesadillas, which convinced us too in terms of taste and presentation. But the fresh kick finally gave us the Ceviche Maya. For this dish, cold-cooked hake fillet is used, which is served in a sour broth together with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, cucumber, garlic oil, lime and chili. It was bursting with exciting freshness. The fish was not quite as fine in texture, but managed to impress with a lot of flavour.

black quesadillas @ Cartell

Ceviche Maya @ Cartell

At Cartell you can enjoy good and authentic Mexican food in a relaxed and modern atmosphere. Let's catch some Mexican vibes with your friends, spend a nice evening with true flavours and experience the Mexican joy of life. Also make sure to not mix it up with Cartel (Burrito) at Militärstrasse!

Mexican Food @ Cartell





Sihlporte 3

8001 Zürich

Phone: +41 43 558 28 27


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