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Sometimes it should be healthy, quick and still taste good. This is exactly what the fast food chain B.GOOD offers. The fact that fast food does not mean unhealthy at the same time has been proven by the B.GOOD concept, which is geared towards ethics and sustainability. Founded in Boston by two friends, there are already five B.GOOD restaurants in Switzerland today - 3 of them in Zurich.


B.GOOD wants to set itself apart from the fast food competition both in culinary terms and in terms of health and sustainability. The food is cooked with high-quality, seasonal ingredients that are delivered fresh every day. Most of the ingredients come from the region. Therefore, the menu is not the same throughout the year, but varies according to the season. The dishes are also particularly balanced.

The menu includes high-quality burgers, homemade fries, crunchy salads and healthy smoothies as well as a variety of bowls - carefully selected bowls of warm quinoa or a nutritious grain mix, combined with lots of vegetables, power proteins and superfoods.

The burgers are fresh and handmade, which means the patties are freshly formed and prepared by them. You can also choose between different breads and combine them as you like. We enjoyed an avocado salsa burger with avocado, tomato salsa and chipotle sauce.

You can also individualize their salads with lots of extras. You have the choice between cheese, meat, avocado or fried egg as topping. We had a greekstyle salad with lettuce, pepperoni, onion, black olives, feta, hummus and balsamic vinaigrette. In addition, we ordered an avocado toast.

There is also a large selection of unique and delicious bowls. The bowls are versatile, so there is something for every taste - whether vegan, vegetarian or with meat. As a base, you can choose between grain mixture and quinoa. And of course, the bowls can also be customized. We opted for a zucchetti spaghetti and falafel bowl with fresh spring cabbage, quinoa, zucchetti, cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce, grana padano and falafel balls.

Good food begins with natural and fresh ingredients. B.GOOD obtains most of the ingredients from the region. They attach great importance to seasonal products to ensure freshness and richness in the dishes and rely on balanced and versatile ingredients to serve tasty and high-quality food.


Avocado-Toast: CHF 5.90

Greekstyle Salad: CHF 15.90

Zucchetti-Spaghetti & Falafel Bowl: CHF 18.90

Avocado Salsa Burger: CHF 13.90


B.GOOD Oerlikon

Nansenstrasse 3

8050 Zürich

Phone: 044 313 96 35


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