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2020 will certainly go down in history, but not really in a positive way. Until now, it was mainly Covid-19, which has been setting the pace. No wonder, there is still uncertainty about what the future will bring. Therefore, the more wonderful it is in these uncertain days, that people can still come together, celebrate life and enjoy beautiful things like food.

Happily, Food Zurich 2020 has taken place again this year with a colorful mosaic of over a hundred culinary events throughout the city and the region. The extraordinary autumn edition featured events of a manageable size and was perfectly adapted to the current situation with good protection concepts.

Pasta crash course and tavolata @ DasProvisorium

In a crash course with cookbook author and pasta expert Anna Pearson, we learned how easy it is to make different types of pasta ourselves. For the production, we used Swiss ingredients like "Emmer", a Swiss original primal grain, produced by Biohof Dusch in Domleschg. Afterwards, we could enjoy a 3-course menu prepared by Anna herself with support by Sobre Mesa, using our freshly produced pasta and local and Sicilian products from Crowd Container. This was accompanied by a natural wine selection. Buon appetito!

Pasta Crashkurs FOOD ZÜRICH

Pasta Crashkurs FOOD ZÜRICH


Edition gut

Anna Pearson

Wellenberg 5

8634 Hombrechtikon

Phone: +41 78 737 54 77

Sobre Mesa GmbH

Badenerstrasse 171

8004 Zürich

Phone: +41 78 839 26 62

Crowd Container AG

c/o The Hub Zürich Association

Sihlquai 131

8005 Zürich


Phone: +41 44 523 74 00


5-course Menu for healthy people

The Restaurant Ratshaus in Rapperswil with its hosts and chefs Markus Karle and Cyril Beguelin welcomed us to a well-balanced 5-course menu, combining traditional dishes with the latest trends in preparation. They served a 5-course menu without the use of any additives or preservatives. Thanks to gentle and innovative preparation methods, the dishes were not only healthy but also tasty. They only process Swiss fish from recirculation systems, one of the cleanest technologies in the world. The meat - of course also from Switzerland - is prepared according to the low temperature method. This made the served venison from local hunting very tender and juicy.

5-course Menu for healthy people @ FOOD ZURICH

5-course Menu for healthy people @ FOOD ZURICH


Restaurant Ratshaus

Hauptplatz 1

8640 Rapperswil

Phone: +41 55 210 11 14



The future eats here

"The future eats here" - This evening was all about talented young chefs and their creations. This culinary experience at the restaurant Belvoirpark was leaded by the chef A-la-Carte Jendrik Wollesen, runner-up of the Marmite Youngster Awards 2020, who shared an exciting "Four-Hands-Dinner" together with Patrick Mumenthaler, newcomer pâtissier and this years Marmite Youngster candidate, who presented finest dessert creations. This was accompanied by a appropriate wine accompaniment by Landolt Weine.

The future eats here @ FOOD ZURICH

The future eats here @ FOOD ZURICH

The future eats here @ FOOD ZURICH


Restaurant Belvoirpark

Seestrasse 125

8002 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 286 88 44

Food Zurich 2020 definitely made our year better and was one of our personal highlights. A big thank you to the whole Food Zurich team for not losing courage and hope despite the circumstances and for making this possible. We hope that you were able to be a part of Food Zurich this year and look forward to hopefully be part of it again in 2021!


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