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Heart and Soul Food | FREYA

Never heard of FREYA? Then it's about time to check out this culinary hotspot. Actually, it’s our new favourite Lebanese in town! Cécile and Hassan are the two lovely owners who welcome you warmly at FREYA’s. With these two funny birds one can tell: They are in this with their heart and soul. They themselves like to eat and drink of high quality. That's why they only serve dishes and drinks that they love themselves and would offer to their friends and family.

The restaurant is chic and furnished in vintage style. Cool accessories immediately catch your attention. Also the super beautiful garden invites you to linger and chill. The oriental-style seating area is super cosy and perfect for a relaxing summer evening.

oriental-style seating area @ FREYA

interior @ FREYA

FREYA cooks exclusively vegetarian. Dishes that are not expressly made from milk, such as quark, cheese or yoghurt, are vegan. Whenever possible, the ingredients are grown seasonally, regionally and organically. They buy their food from conscientious, cheerful Swiss organic farmers or directly from the market from their Italian friends. During our visit, it was made very clear: The ingredients are fantastic!

When we were told, that Hassan's mother was in the kitchen herself, we already knew: The food will not disappoint us, and it didn’t. Although we were almost “overwhelmed” with many different Lebanese dishes: every dish was light, incredibly fresh and super delish! We tried TABOULÉ with quinoa, parsley, tomatoes, spring onions, their unbeatable, homemade HUMMUS, BABAGANOUSH (smoked eggplant mousse), LABNEH (fresh quark with peppermint), and the amazingly tasty MUHAMMAR (Sweet and spicy walnut paste).

Mezze @ FREYA

Babaganoush @ FREYA

Hummus @ FREYA

Furthermore they spoiled us with HABIBI CHEESE (Halloumi pickled in herbs from the oven), the incredible FALAFEL, PIMIENTOS (roasted green peppers with sea salt) and MAN'OUSHE (Lebanese pizza from the fireclay stove).

Habibi Cheese and Falafel @ FREYA


Man'oushe @ FREYA

Sweet as we like it there was of course another dessert: GHAZL EL BANET (cotton candy from Beirut on homemade ice cream) - we loved it. ALL OF IT.

Cotton Candy from Beirut @ FREYA

We love the message behind the restaurant. Hassan and Cécile say: “our ancestors were heroes in the kitchen - without any synthetic additives they created airy, light, long lasting, healthy and well-balanced things - and we do it the same as our ancestors - instead of powders from the laboratory we use brains and traditional knowledge. - Why? Because it tastes better” Nothing more to add here - we simply fell in love with this place at first sight. Oh and by the way, we changed our mind. THIS is the best falafel in town!


between CHF 7.00 and CHF 14.00 per portion (generous portions!)


FREYA CAFE 𐄁 MEZZE 𐄁 BAR Freyastrasse 3

8004 Zürich


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