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Cocktails in the City | Gypsy Rose

Speakeasy bars… you know them from big cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco...but Zurich? Yes! There’s a Speakeasy Bar in Zurich and we’ll tell you how to find it and how to get in!

If you’ve never heard of Speakeasy before: Speakeasy’s are also called a blind pig or blind tiger, inspired by the hidden spots to get a drink during the Prohibition in the 1920s. Today's Speakeasy are often small and almost impossible to find bars with an intimate crowd and a good time to be had for all. Speakeasy’s are almost impossible to find. They are often nothing more than a nondescript door and barely any signage to be seen.

Sounds mysterious? Indeed. We had the pleasure to be part of an exclusive event and try Gypsy Rose’s new cocktails. On this occasion, we were shown how to find the bar. It’s hidden in the Korean restaurant Miss Miu and we can tell: It’s not easy to find! The bar can be found either in the restaurant or through a hidden entrance from the parking garage (after restaurant opening hours). The only hint that will lead you to the bar is a “G” sign on the walls. If you follow the sign, you will find the bar!

Actually, we don't want to tell you the exact location of the bar, we rather want you to find it yourself! Of course, you can ask the lovely Miss Miu staff for help if you can't find the bar on your own. Good luck ;-)

Once you found it, you need to enter a code to get in. But where do you get the code from? You can sign up here to get the monthly changing access code.

What else does the Gypsy Rose Bar offer? Let's start with the interior: red-lighted feather lamps hang from the ceiling, the red sofas and golden frames on the wall are reminiscent of the 1920s. The bar is small; but that's exactly what makes it what it is. Mysterious and not crowded, as we are often used to in Zurich.

The bartenders write the cocktail menu themselves and serve you creative tastes in fancy glasses. We tried the Prohibition Bathtub (Wood, Moss, Bitter) with Sevilla Gin, White Port, Yuzu Sake, Raspberry and Lavender Bitters and were surprised when we got a mini bathtub with a drink in it. So cool.The taste was fantastic.

Furthermore, we checked out their Bettie Page (Refreshing, Sour) which has Rangpur Gin, Matcha, Grapefruit Juice, Orange Flowers, Gomme Syrup and Supasawa in it and is inspired by Tea Time Japanese Style. The cocktail was served in a glass that looked like a little bird. We loved it. We highly recommend to try their Whisky Sour as well, it’s delicious!

There’s one additional thing you shouldn’t miss: Once a month, on the last Friday of the month to be exact, there is a burlesque show with international burlesque dancers. Make sure to book a table when it’s “Showtime!” at the Gypsy Rose Bar. See you next time.


Address: Gypsy Rose Europaallee 48 8004 Zürich Phone: +41 44 260 55 22 Website:


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