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Korean Hot Spot in Town | Miss Miu

Along with the gradual completion of the Europaalle in Zurich, new food concepts are now also moving into the spacious locations of the recently created meeting zone. One of them captivates with a unique social dining experience and selected specialties from East Asia.

The so-called “Miss Miu” newly opened on June 6th, 2019 as the largest Korean restaurant in Zurich. It offers Korean specialties and homemade drinks in a stylish interior, which seats 150 people indoors, 80 on the terrace and 40 in a mysterious burlesque bar to be opened in September 2019.

Korean BBQ Room at Miss Miu

Round Tables @ Miss Miu

Korean BBQ Room at Miss Miu

The concept of Miss Miu focuses on healthy, fast Asian lunch menus and classic Korean specialties such as kimchi, bibimbap, hots pots, which contain lots of fresh and fermented vegetables, rice, noodles, fish and meat. So, the dishes are light but still satiating and provide thanks to sharp and sour components for varied culinary delights.

Among the almost 30 dishes there are also real contenders for favourite one’s like Korean fried chicken, Gimbap (Korean Sushi) and the Korean BBQ, which is offered in a custom-made separée.



Traditionally, Koreans combine a wide variety of side dishes and share them with others at the table. So Korean food is not only delicious, but social at the same time. This thought is lived in the same way at Miss Miu: People should experience one of the most beautiful things in the world together again. However, who has no time or simply likes to take away food can use the in-house bike courier service, online take-away or the self-ordering stations.

Take Away @ Miss Miu

Miss Miu also has something special on offer for lovies of sweet temptations. With a special "shaved ice" machine, which was imported from South Korea, they can create up to nine different combinations of this unique dessert.

Shaved ice @ Miss Miu

Nothing seems rash at Miss Miu but thought out down to the smallest detail. You immediately notice that a lot of time and passion was put into the design and the development of the dishes. The accumulated knowledge of the Korean culinary culture is reflected in their delicious and varied food offer, which is presented in an extraordinary ambiance.


Starters: from CHF 6.50 to CHF 12.50 Main dishes: from CHF 23.00 to CHF 33.50 Desserts: from CHF 12.50 to CHF 24.00 Korean BBQ plates: from CHF 36.00 to CHF 52.00

Address: Miss Miu Europaallee Europaallee 48 8004 Zürich E-Mail: Website:


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