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Mozzarella à gogo | La Tartina

Where otherwise dazzling basses boom and people dance until the wee hours of the morning, a pop-up restaurant has now taken up residence quite secretly. It focuses on Italian specialty cuisine and has placed the main emphasis on Italian food heritage: Mozzarella, Burrata and Co.

Interior @ La Tartina Zurich

La Tartina serves mozzarella, burrata and more at Club Bagatelle from 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The famous cheeses are presented in innovative ways and tasty combinations - sometimes salty with an anchovy arrangement or sweet tangy on blood orange carpaccio. For those who cannot decide, there is also a triple of Burratine with different flavors.

Food, Mozzarella @ La Tartina Zurich

Food @ La Tartina Zurich

Food @ La Tartina Zurich

As an aperitif, the Arancine in vegetarian or meat version are definitely recommended, while also the charcuterie board with various Italian specialties of high quality will make the evening go off right.

Food @ La Tartina Zurich

Food @ La Tartina Zurich

If you're craving more after that, you can also order Italian classics like ravioli with lemon ricotta or some vitello tonnato. They also offer a tasting menu, where the mentioned can be enjoyed as a 3 course meal, this at a fair price of CHF 58. Finally, there is also a small selection of desserts to round off the evening.

Food @ La Tartina Zurich

Food @ La Tartina Zurich

Food @ La Tartina Zurich

La Tartina is a perfect place for a cozy afterwork drink and a snack or for a tavolata with friends. It offers the opportunity to experience the authentic taste of Italian specialities with delicious creations and high quality ingredients. Indulge yourself with their mozzarella and burrata dishes or, if you can’t decide, have a full taste exerience with their tasting menu.




La Tartina Pop Up @ Club Bagatelle

Langstrasse 93 8004 Zürich

Phone: +41 78 229 69 40 E-Mail:


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