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There are only a few restaurants in Zurich that are dedicated to Peruvian cuisine, so it is always a great pleasure to discover new concepts that take on this creative cuisine and thus provide for a culinary enrichment in the city. Even better if they combine traditional cuisine with different cultures and influences which then result in sophisticated dishes.

The recently opened restaurant Püente near the Museum für Gestaltung focuses exactly on this topic and shows in an extremely creative way what Peruvian cuisine has to offer. The young head chef, Paulo Timoteo, draws on his work experience from awarded cuisines and various fine dining restaurants and creates modern interpreted dishes, which show influences of Spanish and Asian cuisine. The finely arranged creations are served in a sharing concept and can be accompanied by a selection of various cocktails based on the famous Peruvian national drink Pisco.

As a starter, we had Tiradito de Salmon, which is finely sliced salmon that was served in a wonderfully sour-spicy sauce with rocoto-chilli beads as well as Gazpacho Acevichado, the famous national dish combined with Spanish cazpacho and topped with chalaquita sarsa and Peruvian corn. Additionally we tried Empanadilla Tusan, which are homemade dumplings filled with Peruvian spicy chicken cream sauce as well as Roll de Pato Y Gambas, which are Vietnamese style minced meat skewers of duck and shrimp rolled in rice paper and served with pickled red cabbage. The dishes all testified to the high quality of the ingredients and caused unknown but very delicious and vibrant taste experiences. The presentations and arrangements were excellent and very creative and reflected the experience of the chef in award-winning cuisines.

For the main course we ordered Pulpo Anticuchero, grilled Pulpo Nikkei style with manioc puree as well as Los Mofletes, beef cheeks in Massaman curry, served with grilled carrot. The main courses were also served with great attention to detail and taste. The beef cheeks were braised for hours to make it this tender and the pulpo was served perfectly cooked to the point with a slight smoky note. You can really feel the love and devotion put into the dishes.

The Püente lets you dive into a diverse and modern Peruvian cuisine with Spanish and Asian influences. Their ingenious combinations create new taste experiences, which do not attend to prejudice or protocols. A new culinary experience, interpreting traditional Peruvian cuisine in a modern way.


Starters: from CHF 18.00 to CHF 22.00

Main dishes: from CHF 29.00 to CHF 34.00

Desserts: CHF 10.00



Baumgasse 10

8005 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 869 00 00


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