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The smallest in the world! | Renny’s Chalet

It is winter wonderland season...and what is a must in a typical winter wonderland? A cozy chalet! But where can you find one in the middle of the city?

At the Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel! In their 6qm small fondue chalet you can spoil yourself with delicious fondue and raclette this season. It has room for 2 to 8 people and offers a cozy, atmospheric and unique ambience. When we’ve seen it from the outside, our first thought was: how cute! The interior of the chalet is super cozy: there are blankets, lighting, Christmas music and even a "fake fire" that invites you to linger. When you enter the chalet you don't feel like you're somewhere in the middle of the city, no, it feels more like you're on a mountain in a cozy chalet, away from all the city trouble.

Renny's Chalet

interior Renny's Chalet

cozy mood in Renny's Chalet

In the chalet you are completely on your own and have your own service. In addition to various types of fondue (such as classic cheese fondue or truffle fondue), they also offer raclette (with potatoes and mixed pickles) and with or without meat. All prices are all you can eat.

We went for one of our favourites: the truffle fondue!

We often ate truffle fondue at other restaurants, but unfortunately we didn't really taste the truffle taste there. Not so in Renny's Chalet! The taste of the truffle was amazing - not to dominantly but just to the point. We loved it. The bread that went with it was crispy and matched perfectly.

truffle fondue

cheese, cheese, cheese!

crispy bread

Furthermore there’s currently a competition running: The one who can prove the existence of a smaller fondue chalet with a Selfie wins a night in their "Presidential Suite". You simply need to post a Selfie with both Hashtags #renzrhtower and #smallestchalet on Instagram or Facebook. The competition is on!

If you would like to spend an evening in the smallest chalet in the world while enjoying a delicious fondue and the Christmas mood, you can do so until 26 January 2020. You can book your table online ( or by calling +41 44 630 30 30.


Classic cheese fondue: CHF 39 Cheese fondue with truffle: CHF 44 Raclette with potatoes & mixed pickles: CHF 42 Meat platter (grill it yourself): CHF 10 All prices are “all you can eat”


Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel

Turbinenstrasse 20 8005 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 630 30 30


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