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Healthy and tasty powerfood | Roots

A proper Sunday brunch doesn't always have to be so hearty and heavy that you feel like you just ate for the next week too. If you want to start the day light, full of power and still delicious, you should treat yourself with a brunch from Roots@Balboa right at the beautiful Schanzengraben.

The vegan restaurant Roots has teamed up with the Balboa Bar & Gym to create Roots@Balboa, a lively and active meeting place for everyone. In this way, synergies can be used to combine healthy food with fitness and to create a place to celebrate a healthy lifestyle. Not only fitness enthusiasts are welcome, but also health-conscious people who appreciate a sustainable diet.

A large terrace with a lot of plants forms a quiet oasis amidst the city, which invites you to enjoy healthy and tasteful food right next to the beautiful Sihl river.

Roots is supposed to be healthy, tasty, inexpensive and fast. That’s why you have to place your order directly at the long bar, where also the food and drinks are freshly prepared.

Besides healthy juices and smoothies, sandwiches, bagels and toasts as well as various bowls and brunch specials are available.

We opted for avocado toast with almond butter, pomegranate and mango sauce, peanut butter banana toast with raspberry cherry sauce and cocoa nibs, a fruit and berry açaì bowl and brunch tacos, which was one of the brunch specials. In addition, we tried a Winnie Pooh Smoothie and an Immune Booster Juice.

avocado toast

peanut butter banana toast with raspberry cherry sauce and cocoa nibs,

brunch tacos

a fruit and berry açaì bowl

The food is not only served beautifully arranged, but also taste super delicious. We really liked the different and creative taste combinations of dishes such as avocado toast with mango sauce and pomegranate, which makes it a perfect and refreshing brunch dish. We also loved this feeling of being full without thinking of bursting immediately, which is mostly the case with normal brunches.

The Roots@Balboa is the perfect oasis for health-conscious people and those who like to enjoy healthy and tasty food without having a guilty conscience. The urban and chill place with a warm and inviting atmosphere welcomes everyone, whether for training or just for coffee, a well-balanced brunch, lunch or dinner.


Winnie Pooh Smoothie & Immune Booster Juice: CHF 11.00

Avocado Toast: CHF 12.00

Peanutbutter Banana Toast: CHF 10.00

Brunch Tacos: CHF 15.00

Fruit & Berry Açaì: CHF 17.00


Roots @ Balboa

Am Schanzengraben 19

8002 Zürich


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