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Jordanian Soulfood | Soul Köfte

The urban food company Soul Köfte is well known for its food truck located at Zurich Hardbrücke near the Club Exil and at several other locations. It was founded by the Jordanian Apo Aziz and his Ghanaian friend Jason Anto in 2014. Now, the popular food truck has found a permanent home for their delicious Jordanian soulfood.

In the middle of the lively Kreis 5 near the famous Langstrasse, you can now enjoy their daily and freshly prepared flatbread with filling of your choice. From chicken to sausage to falafel or, as the name suggests, Köfte, the bestseller among the fillings. Köfte are actually nothing else than strongly seasoned and roasted meatballs, mainly of lamb or beef, which are spread in numerous variations in the entire oriental cuisine from North Africa to Southeastern Europe and India.

Soul Köfte Interior by Thefoodlovies

At Soul Köfte, you can enjoy them in three different versions: as a wrap, on a plate or in a bowl. However, the juicy Köfte, traditionally prepared medium-rare - are typically served in fresh and warm flatbread accompanied by fried peppers, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, onions, red cabbage and yoghurt sauce. This delicacy is usually rounded off by creamy Hummus, which can also be enjoyed as a separate dish.

Soul Wrap with Falafel by Thefoodlovies

Food @ Soul Köfte by Thefoodlovies

Soul Bowl @ Soul Köfte by Thefoodlovies

Also the Falafel is given attention in Soul Köfte: Always freshly prepared, they come beautifully crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside – classically served in a wrap with Tahini sauce. Who decides on a "Soul Plate" or "Soul Bowl" gets all ingredients as small portions additionally with rice, fried potatoes and taboulé salad. This colorful soulfood is best accompanied with their homemade yoghurt drink Ayran.

Soul Plate @ Soul Köfte by Thefoodlovies

Food @ Soul Köfte by Thefoodlovies

Soul Plate @ Soul Köfte by Thefoodlovies

Soul Bowl @ Soul Köfte by Thefoodlovies

Food @ Soul Köfte by Thefoodlovies

Soul Köfte establishes itself as a real favorite for high-quality fastfood, which not only attaches great importance on fresh ingredients but also on great hospitality and sociability.


Soul Köfte

Zollstrasse 192

8005 Zürich

Phone: +41 76 437 36 58


Soul Wraps from CHF 17.00 to CHF 21.00

Soul Bowl CHF 25.00

Soul Plate CHF 25.00

Baklava CHF 5.00


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