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Pizza = Life | Stripped Pizza

Another week, another pizza? We know; we could eat pizza every single day too...but we don’t want our bellies to grow and grow and grow. Guess what? There’s a solution. It’s called Stripped Pizza.

Interior Stripped Pizza

Stripped Pizza was created in 2014 by three friends and food lovers. Inspired by the world, they offer natural and non-routine ingredients as well as exciting combinations. They’ve been looking for a solution to make the pizza healthier with lots of fresh vegetables and other delicious ingredients that can be added.

So, basically forget everything you knew about pizza. Stripped Pizza brings your favorite food to the table in a completely new way - free of boredom and full of love and with everything that is healthy and natural. They don't use artificial flavours, sugar substitutes, colourings or flavour enhancers. Neither are they a fan of an Italian nor an American concept - they offer a new, unconventional way to eat pizza with creative ingredients and unknown combinations. And above all: they look super fancy!

One of our first thoughts before we tried Stripped Pizza was: Healthy pizza? Can this really be delicious? On our quick lunch stop, we tried the #Foodporn pizza with wholemeal linseed dough, beetroot cashew sauce, mushrooms, courgettes, red onions, pomegranate, rocket, seed mix and added yummy buffalo mozzarella.

#Foodporn pizza

#Foodporn pizza

Furthermore we opted for the Evergreen with wholemeal linseed dough, pesto sauce, goat cheese, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower and spinach. The pizza not only convinced us visually, but also taste-wise. The dough was light and crispy and the ingredients were fresh and extremely yummy. WIN - no more regrets.


Foodporn & Evergreen

Stripped Pizza is more than just a restaurant. There’s a mission behind it, and we can totally stand behind it.

Since the preferences of each foodlovie is unique, the mood can change throughout the day or health restrictions can shape everyday life, any pizza and any salad can be changed so that it is guaranteed to match everyone's taste.

All their ingredients are delivered daily, freshly prepared and are checked for freshness daily - simply because fresh food tastes better.

If your mouth is watering now, you should stop reading this and get a healthy pizza instead: Quick and simple online or via App. Or just stop by their lovely restaurants, they have two of them in Zurich. Enjoy!


CHF 15 - CHF 23


Stripped Pizza Talacker 41, 8001 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 554 85 23


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