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oyster thursdays | Südhang Weine

White wine, red wine, sparkling wine – Südhang wine and oyster bar stands for high-quality, inexpensive, ecologically justifiable wines with a strong emphasis on terroir, which are primarily characterised by a natural expressiveness.

Südhang Weinbar

Südhang stands for a new wine culture – they question, rethink and are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends. Their drive is curiosity and the interest in sincere commitment. They offer wines outside the mainstream that are not designed for label drinkers. They support small, individual and artisanal winegrowers and wineries. Most of their products would have deserved the label "organic", but very few of them attach importance to having their self-image in dealing with nature certified.

Südhang is always in search for innovative and carefully working winegrowers. They offer trendy and exciting wines from a valuable and future-oriented niche of the wine market.

Champagne @ Südhang Weinbar

Among two others stores, you can taste their wines on the spot near Oerlikon train station - accompanied by selected cheese or cold cuts specialties.

cold cuts specialties @ Südhang Weinbar

Every Thursday, they also offer finest oysters from carefully chosen breeders in Brittany. Let yourself be seduced by dazzlingly decorated platters, heady sparkling wines and an excellent oyster selection.

Oyster Thursday @ Südhang Weinbar

Oyster Thursday @ Südhang Weinbar

Oyster Thursday @ Südhang Weinbar




Südhang Weine Oerlikon

Wallisellenstrasse 6

8050 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 242 48 48

Other shops in Zurich City (Markthalle) and Rüschlikon ZH.


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