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Vegan Japanese | Midori RAMEN

The vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is already established in today's society and is almost part of good manners among the do-gooders and the environmentally conscious. Nevertheless, restaurants that specialize exclusively in this cuisine are still in the minority.

Now Zurich's newest and first Japanese ramen restaurant has come to the rescue:

Interior @ Midori Ramen

At Midori Ramen, everything from the appetizers to the dessert is prepared purely vegan. Only the soft-boiled ramen eggs, which are served on request, are of animal origin and come from happy chickens from the region.

Choices at Midori include tasty otsumami appetizers to share such as fried no squid rings, which are from the famous seafood dealer Bianchi, classic kimchi or even natto, the strange-tasting dish with fermented beans. The main dishes are mainly donburi, large rice bowls with toppings or the various ramen. The ramen noodles are homemade and produced with a Japanese noodle machine at the partner restaurant Yume Ramen. The ramen broths are also made fresh daily.

We tried the fried no squid rings with a vegan yuzu mayonnaise, which were fantastic and hardly distinguishable from real squid in consistency and taste. We also had gyoza's with vegetable and tofu filling as well as some kimchi, both tasted divine.

gyoza's with vegetable and tofu filling

fried no squid rings with a vegan yuzu mayonnaise

appetizers at Midori Ramen

Vegan Kimchi

gyoza's with vegetable and tofu filling

fried no squid rings with a vegan yuzu mayonnaise

For the main course, we had tantanmen ramen, which consists of spicy marinated minced soy, shiitake flakes, spicy sesame soup and fresh veggies as well as a grilled veggie donburi, with fresh vegetables, miso and kale in it. Although you would expect traditional ramen broth to be made with meat or fish to obtain the typical strong taste, we didn't miss the animal ingredient at any point. They made us have a bold, plant-based flavor experience. The broth was absolutely aromatic and the noodles had the perfect elastic consistency.

tantanmen ramen

tantanmen ramen

grilled veggie donburi

At the end, we sampled our way through their vegan desserts: traditional Mochidaifuku with red bean paste and chocolate matcha cake with ginger lemon sorbet – oishii!

traditional Mochidaifuku

chocolate matcha cake with ginger lemon sorbet

Midori Ramen is definitely worth a visit, not only to clear your conscience or do something good for the environment, but also because of the delicious food, the cool ambience and the friendly service.




Midori Ramen

Mattengasse 13

8005 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 515 87 20



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