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While most Chinese restaurants in Zurich serve Cantonese dishes, a small restaurant called "Bund 39" focuses on traditional Shanghai cuisine, which is characterised by taking color, aroma and taste as its elements and emphasizing the use of seasonings, the quality of raw materials and original flavors.

The Bund 39 on Bäckerstrasse in district 4 does not immediately stand out as an Asian restaurant, but rather appears modern with a simple and clear design. Only a few decorative elements suggest its Chinese origin. With just a few tables inside and outside, it is an ideal place for an unflustered dinner.

Since the menu is probably more understandable for Chinese guests than for Europeans, we have let the owner give us a few recommendations without further ado.

So we got 3 dishes as an appetizer, which were "Liang Ban Huang Gua", a classic sweet-sour cucumber salad with ginger and sweet pepper, "Suan Xiang Qiu Kui", an okra salad with homemade garlic sauce and "Liang Ban San Si", finely sliced tofu slices with carrots, sesame and homemade sauce. The dishes were served in small colored bowls, which are perfect for sharing. We particularly liked the complete balance between acidity, sweetness and spiciness, which gave the dishes a certain lightness and makes them refreshing starters for warmer days.

As a main course, we shared a cold and slightly spicy chicken dish, which is prepared with meat only from the thigh. In addition, we had squids in five spiced sauce, fine sliced Swiss Angus Ribeye beef in a spicy-sour mushroom soup and a traditional Shanghai Summer dish with cold noodles and chicken, finely chopped cucumbers and carrots, which is eaten together with soy and a thick peanut sauce.

The pureness and lightness of the dishes also continued with the main courses. The use of condiments and the importance of retaining the original flavours of the raw ingredients materials are the main focus through and through.

The Bund 39 brings the lightness and freshness of Shanghai cuisine to Zurich and surprises with high-quality taste experiences in a clear ambiance. At the same time, it remains straightforward and does not confirm a stereotype of Chinese restaurants known here.


Starters: from CHF 6.90 to CHF 18.60

Main dishes: from CHF 14.00 to CHF 75.00

Address: Bund 39 Bäckerstrasse 39 8004 Zürich Phone: +41 78 732 26 60

Website: https://bund39.business.site/

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