Jordanian Soulfood | Soul Köfte

The urban food company Soul Köfte is well known for its food truck located at Zurich Hardbrücke near the Club Exil and at several other locations. It was founded by the Jordanian Apo Aziz and his Ghanaian friend Jason Anto in 2014. Now, the popular food truck has found a permanent home for their delicious Jordanian soulfood. In the middle of the lively Kreis 5 near the famous Langstrasse, you can now enjoy their daily and freshly prepared flatbread with filling of your choice. From chicken to sausage to falafel or, as the name suggests, Köfte, the bestseller among the fillings. Köfte are actually nothing else than strongly seasoned and roasted meatballs, mainly of lamb or beef, which are spr

A taste of Mexico | El Luchador

Rather inconspicuous in the vibrant circle 5, in a bright red building, there is a Zurich primary rock: The El Luchador. El Luchador was founded as early as 2012 and since then the Zurich gastronomic scene cannot be imagined without it. Mexican food in Zurich: There are already many who try to be a “real Mexican restaurant”, but still, serve fajitas and burritos and call themselves "authentic". You won’t find fajitas and burritos on El Luchador’s menu - and that’s what we like about it! What they serve to their guests has nothing to do with Tex-Mex food, but could just be something served in a good Taqueria of Mexico City. It’s not primarily about a super fancy interior, but rather about go

Time for a change | The Butcher & his Daugther

The Butcher is already well known in Zurich: Healthy as f*** is their slogan and they make burger and meat lovers' hearts beat faster. The Butcher also offers a varied selection of burgers for vegetarians and vegans. Vegetarian and vegan food? Often restaurants in Zurich only offer one vegetarian or vegan option on their menu and we all know, it’s time for a change! The Wiesner family is aware that something has to happen to protect our environment. Every little step makes a difference; and this is how The Butcher & his Daughter was born. The Butcher & his Daughter is located at Badenerstrasse, right next to the “Bezirksgebäude”. The entire interior has been redesigned down to the smallest d

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