Beer & delicious treats | Hardwald Brewhouse

You are an absolute beer lover and have always wanted to not only drink beer in a brewery, but also eat well with it? If yes, then the Hardwald Brewhouse in Wallisellen is definitely made for you. You don't like beer but you're a wine lover? Then the Hardwald Brewhouse is made for you too. The Hardwald brewery was established in summer 2011 and is located in the middle of the Glattal valley - very close to the Hardwald forest. The Hardwald forms the geographical centre of the Glattal and gave the brewery its name. The brewery offers three different beers all year round: the bestseller "Glattgold", the slightly more distinctive "Urban Ale" and the black beer "Dunkel". They also have two other

Build your Brunch | Zur Werkstatt

Looking for a Brunch Place that's a little out of the ordinary? Where you need a toolbox to start? Where homemade food is a must? At Zur Werkstatt’s that’s exactly what you’ll get. It’s a special restaurant directly on track 18 in the middle of Zurich. If you take the train to Zurich's main station, you can spot the restaurant from a distance. The interior is dreamy. Everything still smells new! As soon as you step in, you notice that sustainability is a top priority here. With their creative ideas they let you dive into a new world and try something new in the gastronomic scene. Zurich needs a change in the popular brunch szene and Zur Wekstatt is implementing it. One of the creative gastro

Spice it up | Masala

Recently we dived into the Indian cuisine and visited the Masala in Zurich, directly at Stauffacher. Masala? Sounds familiar: the definition of masala is a spice mixture that has been ground into a powder or paste used for cooking Indian food, or a dish flavored with this powder. A paste made of cumin and other ground spices is an example of masala. A chicken dinner made with masala spices is an example of masala. Indian food is diverse, flavorful, colorful, and unique and we were ready to taste it all. Masala’s interior is very oriental: Cream white walls lined with tasteful decorations. There are also paintings such as elephants with Indian influences on the wall and a chandelier on the ce

New brunch spot in Witikon | Confiserie Honold

The traditional confectionery Honold, which was founded back in 1905, has expanded continuously in recent years and just opened its 7th location in the centre of Witikon. Their newest and most modern location includes a shop and a café with outdoor area, which invites you to linger and enjoy. As a special offer, they have a lunch buffet and an extensive weekend brunch, which we could enjoy on a nice and sunny Sunday. The new location in Witikon impresses with a modern and stylish design concept with unique elements, but without losing the typical Honold look. The beautifully arranged brunch buffet offers a fine selection of homemade delicacies. In addition to a large selection of fresh bread

Food with Roots | B.GOOD

Sometimes it should be healthy, quick and still taste good. This is exactly what the fast food chain B.GOOD offers. The fact that fast food does not mean unhealthy at the same time has been proven by the B.GOOD concept, which is geared towards ethics and sustainability. Founded in Boston by two friends, there are already five B.GOOD restaurants in Switzerland today - 3 of them in Zurich. B.GOOD wants to set itself apart from the fast food competition both in culinary terms and in terms of health and sustainability. The food is cooked with high-quality, seasonal ingredients that are delivered fresh every day. Most of the ingredients come from the region. Therefore, the menu is not the same th

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